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All The Way From Liverpool - European Capital of Lapsed Catholicism.
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REDMEN - A Season On The Drink

John and Jegsy's riotous and tipsy account of last season, from Villarreal to Spurs, is available online ... more


The Rattle neither condones nor condemns such expressions of tribalism. Good shot tho'.

The Good Old Days!

The Good Old Days.




Awaydays - The Fillum

The film of Kevin Sampson's cult novel (i.e. no-one bought it but The Guardian liked it), was released to great accalim last year and is now available to own and cherish on DVD ... more



This is The Rattle - a site by, and for, Liverpool supporters. If you're looking for pics of the hunky Stevie G and downloadable 'Ring Of Fire' ringtones then I suggest you look elsewhere. RAWK perhaps. If, however, you're after an unofficial view of Liverpool FC, its fans, the city that bears its name and everything that goes on therein ... then welcome.  The Rattle forum is available above. Chat on-line to other single Reds in your area, but remember: You need to be a member to view and post on the main forum.  If you're not, then call The Rattleline on 0800-BURST-UR-HOOP (Calls terminate in Tuvalu and cost 9.75 per minute). Whilst you're here visit the Rattle Shop and buy some boss gear. And sort them trabs out.

Caution: May contain fucking swearing.


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