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These items all celebrate our city and its achievements, its history and its character; its music, its culture, its architecture and art -  and its glorious 'Can't-do-nothing-wrong' football team.  Everything here, we believe, should appeal to the broad Rattle community.



Terence Davies : 'Of Time And The City'.

From Liverpool's finest ever film maker - and one of the world's leading directors.

Terence Davies : 'Distant Voices Still Lives'.


John Belchem : 'Irish, Catholic and Scouse'.

Know your roots.

Der's more to Liverpool dan dis - but click here to buy anyway ...

'Charles Buchan's Football Monthly: Liverpool'.

Great photos and articles about past greats from 1953 through to the seventies .

Brian Reade : '43 Years With The Same Bird'

Well it's the only bird he can really claim to have stuck with... Funny, poignant, well observed and opinionated. A great read. Highly recommended.

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Shack: 'HMS Fable'

Shack's finest hour and probably the best Scouse pop music since Revolver ...

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Search HERE for other great Shack albums

Mike Chapple : 'The Great Liverpool Pub Crawl'

If anyone knows about bevvying in Liverpool, it's this fella. Great photos of some of the city's more interesting and beautiful ale houses.

Buy 'The Great Liverpool Pub Crawl' here ...


Season 2007-08 Video Review

El Nino's debut season: Marvel at his 86 goals, no pens, no free-kicks. All the games, all the goals - most of them by one fella.

Watch again El Nino's 86 goals for Los Rojos last season.

Mersey Fighters - Liverpool's Boxing Heritage (Vol. 2)

From El Rattle's very own Merseybox and his oppo, Jim Jenkinson. A brilliant tale of Liverpool's great boxing history. (Vol. 1 also available).

Buy dis bewk or yewl get battered! Click here.

      Jegsy Dodd & The Original Sinners: 'Loquacious, Loquacious, Loquacious'

New album (Nov. 2008) from Jegsy Dodd. Available (along with Jegsy's other releases) from HERE   Features: 'Lets give Granny the Bumps', 'A DJ shaved my wife' and 'Jeepers Creepers! Its the Asylum Seekers'.


Kevin Sampson : 'Awaydays'.

Soon to be released as a film, this is Sampson's novel of football hooligans,1979 style. 

'Arr, hey! State of me kecks!'.

Awaydays - the movie

Various: 'Here We Go Gathering Cups In May'

Fans accounts of Liverpool FC's 7 European Cup Finals as told by 7 Scousers.

Dave Hewitson : 'The Liverpool Boys Are in Town'

Anyone who was a Liverpool teenager in these halcyon days when we won the first 3 European cups will love this.  This book was expanded and re-published in October 2008.

But 'Liverpool Boys Are in Town' HERE!


The Maybes? : 'Promise'

Tremendous debut album from The Maybes?


Alan Bleasdale: 'Boys From The Blackstuff'

"Quite simply - one of the finest TV dramas ever made. And funny as fuck."   (Melvyn Bragg, The South Bank Show. ) A fabulously bleak slice of 80's Liverpool life. If anyone wants to know why Thatcher is still reviled in this city, then watch this.

Boys from the Blackstuff, Click to buy!      

Paul Du Noyer : 'Wondrous Place - Liverpool Music: From the Cavern to Cream'

"The best book about Liverpool music - and one of the best books about Liverpool - that I have ever read."    (Pope Gregory IV)

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Kevin Sampson : Extra Time

Sampson's account of the 97-98 season, of which the highlight has to be the Barnsley riot. I can see it on UKTV Chav now: 'When Wools Go Wild'. Very, very funny.       Awaydays - the movie

Click Here to buy 'Extra Time' (Crap title, by the way ...)

Phil Ball: 'Morbo - The Story of Spanish Football'

"Not just a great book about Spanish football, but a brilliant book about Spanish culture, politics and modern history. "   (Juan Mac de Rioja, Woolton)

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Donde esta  el casa de queso ?